Lucy gets crafty

Have you ever imagined how rad would it be to ride a board you made with your own fair hands? Well, Lucy Adams has been busy (as always!) doing exactly that! She teamed up with carpenter Dave Simmons to make her very own custom shaped deck – literally from scratch, from glueing the plys to cutting the shape, it was all 100% handmade!

In Lucys own words…


“Last year I started a project with David Simmons who offers a custom made skateboard making service in his workshop in Worthing, West Sussex. I learned every step of the process from gluing to the shaping with the help of David! I then sent my board up to Lovenskate for screen printing and now I’m riding it!”

Check out this video of the making process, along with some bonus skate footage once it was complete!

Rad. We are well into DIY here at Girl Skate UK so give us an e-mail over at if you are working on similar projects – whether it’s making your own boards or even your own skate spots… we would love to hear from you!


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