Lois Pendlebury for Route One

We thought that we’d kick off our news feed with some Hellos, and what better way to start than to introduce some of the UK’s finest?!
For those of you that have been skating for a while, this will be a very familiar (and friendly!) face… but for anybody unaware, we would like you to say a big HELLO to a very good friend of ours…

OUTFIT-5-Lois003_bw_750Lois Pendlebury has been on the scene for what seems like forever and it’s safe to say that she is one of the best female skaters this country has to offer, a proper mini ripper who skates hard & fast and ALWAYS with a smile on her face. We’re stoked you’ve found a new home at Route One Lois, and (un)patiently await the welcome clip!
In the meantime check out this silly edit with Lois skating a gnarly little DIY bowl in some far away land. You can also read the official welcome article and watch some more footage over on the Route One site.

Photography: Liz Seabrook