Festive Nails With Stef Nurding In 7 Easy Steps!

Animal UK rider, Fashion Graduate & Model Stefani Nurding knows that skateboarding takes its toll on those nails… Get spruced up in time for Christmas with Stefs super simple festive fingers guide. Cute! WHAT YOU WILL NEED… Glitter…any loose glitter. (I got mine from a craft shop not too expensive.) Base Coat Red nail polish TopContinue reading “Festive Nails With Stef Nurding In 7 Easy Steps!”

Lucy gets crafty

Have you ever imagined how rad would it be to ride a board you made with your own fair hands? Well, Lucy Adams has been busy (as always!) doing exactly that! She teamed up with carpenter Dave Simmons to make her very own custom shaped deck – literally from scratch, from glueing the plys to cutting the shape,Continue reading “Lucy gets crafty”