Patti McGee was born August 23, 1945, and won the worlds first ever Woman’s National 1965 Skateboard Championships in Santa Monica, and was also the worlds first ever female professional skateboarder! Her skating career started early when her brother built her first skateboard in wood shop from her own shoe skate as a surprise whereContinue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTI MCGEE”

8 Female Skaters that made and changed history

Mpora recently compiled a list of Female skateboarders who have influenced and shaped the scene as we know it today. The article features 8 of the best females from around the world to have ever picked up a board. These rad women also represent a whopping 5 different decades! There is even UK representation fromContinue reading “8 Female Skaters that made and changed history”

Beautiful Photos of Skater Girls from the 1970’s

We are absolutely loving these stylish photos of female shredders from the 1970’s ‘Golden Era’ of skateboarding. Skaters include Laura Thornhill, Kim Cespedes,¬†Ellen O Neal, Patti Mcgee & Vicky Vickers. These girls just ooze cool. If you were a skater way back when and have any photos, videos or news clippings that you’d like toContinue reading “Beautiful Photos of Skater Girls from the 1970’s”