Lucy’s Open Letter to Marie Claire

Last month saw a controversial article by Marie Claires Nellie Eden on the opening night of the HTC skatepark on the very fashionable Oxford Street. The article caused an uproar from guys & gals alike and within 20 minutes of posting our ‘Sort it Out, Marie Claire’ article, the original text was taken down fromContinue reading “Lucy’s Open Letter to Marie Claire”

Helena Long talks skateboarding at the HTC One Park

London skater and very good friend of ours, Helena Long visits HTC One (M8) Skatepark, a pop-up venue in the Old Selfridges Hotel. The park, just off Oxford Street in central London, is exclusively for skateboarders and its design refers to parts of London familiar to skateboarders – including the Moorgate handrail, the Big BenContinue reading “Helena Long talks skateboarding at the HTC One Park”