Skateistan, the award-winning non-profit organization empowering children and youth through skateboarding and education, launched a new Skate School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Friday (February 23rd). Over 100 children celebrated alongside special guests from around the world, including skaters Sky Brown, Mimi Knoop, Jim Thiebaud and funding partner, The Skateroom. As soon as the ribbonContinue reading “SKATEISTAN OPEN NEW SKATE SCHOOL IN CAMBODIA”

Keep Skateistan Rolling

IT’S KEEP SKATEISTAN ROLLING TIME! As a part of the summer 2014 “Keep Skateistan Rolling” drive, Skateistan will release a series of new Skateistan photo stories, as well as a new video that features Skateistan student and youth leader Madina. The short-film above gives you a glimpse into the daily life of an amazing youngContinue reading “Keep Skateistan Rolling”