Revolution Girls Skate Jam Photos ONLINE NOW!

Last Sunday, over 50 girls traveled from Brighton, Bristol, Shropshire, London, Leeds, Sheffield and all over Kent to attend the first ever girls skate jam at Revolution Skatepark in Broadstairs. The locals were stoked to see the likes of Lucy Adams, Lois Pendlebury, Josie Millard, Georgie Winter, Becky Jaques and Claire Alleume shredding amongst loads of other new faces. The jam kicked off at 12 with prize throw outs for tricks in every room.

It was really rad to see everyone going for it and trying new stuff, Carla and Wings got their flip to fakies, Josie & Becky got rad with their double blunts, Lois rode up walls and Lucy flowed around the park hitting everything.

Josie & Becky unfortunately both took bad slams but after a couple of trips to the hospital we’re told all is good in the hood. Hopefully they won’t be out for too long! 

Trophy girlHuge thank you to Revolution Skatepark for their hospitality, to all of our sponsors; Route One, WeSC, Milk Skateboards, Rogue Skateboards, Jimmy’z, Lovenskate, Man Up Girl! Brahboys, Cire, Stance Socks, Axe Distribution, Story Clothing, Roam & Seek and Sidewalk.

Also thanks to Thrashion for our awesome trophies! Lucy went away with Best Skater, Josie got Best Slam and Most improved went to this little lady on the left (we didn’t catch her name!) 

Special thanks to Shelley – Georgia Yates for being a multi-tasking star on the day and generally getting everyone hyped… at one point we caught her on the mic and filming at the same time!
And massive thanks to Wings Chan for helping set up in the morning whilst I cleaned cupcake icing off my shirt!

Take a look at our photo gallery below, courtesy of our very own photographer David Lawrie, (you might remember his photos from Push The Prom earlier this summer…)

Keep an eye out for our full edit coming shortly but for now check out the edit from Revolution Skatepark at the top of this post!


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3 thoughts on “Revolution Girls Skate Jam Photos ONLINE NOW!

  1. Hi – my little girl wanted to say thank you for Sunday – it was her first time at a skate jam! She’s only just turned 6 years old and said she “loved it” – she’s the one on the far right of the group shot. She had a little go on her new skateboard with the help of Holly from Revolution (thanks 🙂 ) and although she fell over and got a bit worried, she was really keen to watch everyone else and has wanted to come home from school on her skateboard every day! Since then she’s asked to have a skateboarding lesson so we’re off to Victoria skate park in the next few months to see if she can have a go without leaning on mummy! Thanks for putting this on and to all the girls who seem to have inspired her! I had a really good time, too but at 40, I ‘m not sure I’ve got what it takes (although she keeps asking me to have a go, too) !

    1. Hi Laura!

      Thanks for coming and your kind comments, just let her know that we all fall over and thats sometimes part of the fun! Good luck at Victoria Park, and you should totally try skateboarding! There was a lady in her 60s at our Push the Prom event earlier this summer, she skated 3 miles along Brighton seafront showing that you are never too old! 😉

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