Keep Skateistan Rolling


As a part of the summer 2014 “Keep Skateistan Rolling” drive, Skateistan will release a series of new Skateistan photo stories, as well as a new video that features Skateistan student and youth leader Madina.

The short-film above gives you a glimpse into the daily life of an amazing young woman whose life has been positively impacted by Skateistan’s programs, told by Madina in her own words.

“This July we’re aiming to raise $20,000 (USD) and we need your help to KEEP SKATEISTAN ROLLING. By joining our biannual fundraising drive you can empower Afghan, Cambodian and South African youth.”


The photo stories will be shared across their social media and will give you an idea of how your donations provide new opportunities and enrich the lives of Skateistan’s students, especially girls in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

You can donate straight to the fund here or alternatively, buy something from their shop to help raise funds.

Don’t miss out and be sure to follow both their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages for regular updates!


Published by Danni

Founder of Girl Skate UK and The Skate Retreat. @danniglover 🌸🌿🛹

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