As if it’s Christmas tomorrow!? If you haven’t already procrastinated enough this week, check out the footage from our Christmas party at Bay Sixty6 Skatepark earlier this month featuring Stef Nurding, Carla Calero, Ellie Ford, Shelley-Georgia and more. Thanks to Nike SB, Lovenskate, Story, Thrashion and WeSC for the prizes! For any little ones watching,Continue reading “NIKE SB X GIRL SKATE UK XMAS JAM FOOTAGE!”

Girls Night at BaySixty6

Last week saw the revival of the girls only skate sessions at BaySixty6 Skate Park in London, We caught up with Lucy Adams of Lovenskate & Wings Chan from Brighton to give us the lowdown. Lucy reports… “It was really amazing how many girls turned out for the session! Considering the date was finalised prettyContinue reading “Girls Night at BaySixty6”

Girls Skate Night at Bay66 Skate park

LADIES OF LONDON, LISTEN UP! There will be a girls only skate session at Bay66 Skate park in London THIS FRIDAY 7th March. 7:30pm – 10:30pm, £5. It’s a rad park with plenty to do so go skate, have a chat and meet some new friends! All ages and abilities welcome, go get involved!   Address: Bay66Continue reading “Girls Skate Night at Bay66 Skate park”