Girls Night at BaySixty6

Last week saw the revival of the girls only skate sessions at BaySixty6 Skate Park in London, We caught up with Lucy Adams of Lovenskate & Wings Chan from Brighton to give us the lowdown.

Lucy reports…

girls bay“It was really amazing how many girls turned out for the session! Considering the date was finalised pretty late in the day and most of the publicity was word of mouth it was rad that girls from all over the country made the trip to Bay for its first girls only session!

A small group coaching was well underway by the time I arrived (late due to public transport!) and other girl skaters were busy shredding round the park. There were young girls, teenagers and older women all having the time of their lives! The atmosphere was great! Politeness was in abundance, hahahahahahaha! I can’t wait for the next one and stoked that Bay are recognising the need and benefit to strengthening the scene. 


Check out a little instagram clip of Lucy at Bay…

Lucy also told us that the person we really needed to speak to about the event was Brighton local Wings Chan as she really got stuck in to the whole night, skated loads, slammed loads and got chatting to everybody there! Here’s what Wings had to say…

wingsbayy“I was notified by my local girl skate group (she shredders, Brighton) that Baysixty6 was holding a girls only skate event! On arrival I was so stoked on how many girls were already there and during the night more and more joined! It’s was wonderful to see, compared to five years ago when it was rare to see girl skaters, that about near 20 girls had turned up. All travelled from different areas just to come to this rad event! Girls from Essex, London, Brighton and areas in Kent of all ages gathered to skate and make new friends. The atmosphere was amazing, the girls were so friendly regardless what level of skating you were at, all welcomed you. It was great to see the more advanced girls help others to improve their skills.

girlsbay2The whole night included skating, new friends, slams and giggles! Fei Phoon learnt how to drop in from axel in the deep section of the bowl! Stoney Shi got gnarly down the stairs followed by a hard slam, but she got straight back up! Georgie Winters flew up a bank over the stair set, followed by Lucy Adams Ollie over the traffic cone, which was amazing!

Overall such a brilliant, lively night and I hope these events continue to happen! Yay girl skaters!”

What a rad night, we’re gutted we couldn’t make it! From the sound of the turn out we expect the next one won’t be in the too distant future!
Props to Bay for hosting the session, we think it’s cool more parks are recognising the demand for these girls night – it really is appreciated amongst the less confident skaters who want to be able to test the park without 12 stone bodies whizzing around at mach-10!


If you want to read more on this event, head on over to Shov It Magazine website where you will also find a great gallery of photos from the night!!

Photos by Wings Chan, Lucy Adams, Hannah Bailey & April Whitlow


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