Girl Skate Jam 2017 Gallery & Write Up! 

RESULTS: Sponsored: 1st Camilla Mullins 2nd Josie Millard 3rd Roxana Howlett Over 18’s: 1st Danni Gallacher 2nd Anita Almonte 3rd Georgie Winter Under 18’s: 1st Naomi Richards 2nd Roxana Howlett 3rd Daisy Oblein Groms: 1st Ione Atkinson 2nd Nina Julca 3rd Emily Fradley Last weekend saw the 15th annual Girl Skate Jam, held at PioneerContinue reading “Girl Skate Jam 2017 Gallery & Write Up! “


The Women’s Sport Trust #BeAGameChanger Awards recognise those individuals and organisations doing the most to progress women’s sport. Hannah Bailey of action sports and lifestyle PR brand Neon Stash is a finalist for the Photographer / Filmmaker of the year award at the Womens Sports Trust ‘Be A Game Changer Awards’. Voting is open 18-30 AprilContinue reading “VOTE HANNAH FOR PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR!”

Lacey Baker, Thrasher Interview

A few weeks ago Lacey Baker released her part “My World” in collaboration with Thrasher Magazine. It was arguably one of the best female parts ever released and and gathered over 16000 likes on Facebook, with the average like count for Thrasher never really pushing 5000. The part oozed technical ability and had the steezeContinue reading “Lacey Baker, Thrasher Interview”


ISSUE TWO OF XEM SKATERS GENDERQUEER SKATE ZINE #2 IS AVAILABLE NOW! WHAT IS XEM SKATERS? Xem Skaters is a genderqueer skate zine by French Skateboarder, Marie Dabbadie. The zine aims to give space to all genders in a binary environment by giving visibility to non­-binary, queer, trans skaters, to introduce gender notions and knowledgeContinue reading “XEM SKATERS GENDERQUEER SKATE ZINE #2 IS OUT! “

Happy Birthday Kirsty!

A VERY happy 30th birthday to Kirsty Tonner!  For those that don’t know, Kirsty is a super important cog in the Girl Skate UK dream machine. She helps to organise all those super rad events you attend, helps to manage the blog and social media pages, films a load of the clips you watch onContinue reading “Happy Birthday Kirsty!”