The Women’s Sport Trust #BeAGameChanger Awards recognise those individuals and organisations doing the most to progress women’s sport.

Hannah Bailey of action sports and lifestyle PR brand Neon Stash is a finalist for the Photographer / Filmmaker of the year award at the Womens Sports Trust ‘Be A Game Changer Awards’.

Voting is open 18-30 April and Winners will be announced at the #BAGC2017 awards in London on Thursday 11th May 2017.



The focus of her work has been to encourage female participation in  action sports and increase the representation of female athletes in  the media – both of which she believes break stereotypes, address
issues of inappropriate female representation in the media and  encourage mental well-being.

Tired of women’s magazines deflating spirits and setting unrealistic standards, Hannah focuses on using women whose lives and motivations are action and adventure. Collecting content in a bid to increase the
presence of their inspirational stories in the media, her words and photos have featured in/on; Dazed Digital, i-D Online, Broadly, Huck, Oh Comely, Stay Wild, Lomography and MTV. Her works has ultimately resulted in increased awareness of action sports nationwide in a credible and supportive way, with a sideline aim of pushing more female content creators.

In 2016, Hannah put on her first solo photography exhibit “Skate Stories” – a retrospect of images and stories collected over years of following the female skate scene in the UK. Her aim was to show the
real faces of woman who are skating through her series of exquisite analogue images. The exhibit was hosted at the Lomography Gallery on Carnaby Street for 6 weeks over the summer.

Dismantling society’s warped idea of what it means to be a woman, and the media’s unrealistic ideals of beauty which we spend our lives being measured against, Hannah aims to redefine what it means to be a
woman, and champion these inspirational skaters as role models for generations of girls to come. Twitter: @NeonStash

You can see more details on the awards here:

And more importantly vote here!!!!


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