Southbank Minute Series – Episode 2: ‘Step Into A World’ from Jenna Selby

Southbank Minute Series – Episode 2: ‘Step Into A World’ from Jenna Selby with across-the-decades footage featuring Savannah Keenan, Lucy Adams, Anita Almonte, Helena Long, Georgie Winter, Rachael Sherlock @rachael_sherlock, Zoe Kings, Sadie Hollins, Maria Falbo, Laura Goh and general SB ambience.

Jenna’s story: 

“My favourite Southbank moment was in 1999 when my friend Dee and I thought it would be a good idea to see in the New Year down at SB. Never been so bloomin cold even though we were skating! We we’re on the first train home after midnight…it was a good laugh all the same though.

When I first started skating in the late ’90’s it was the place to go at weekends and meet up with your friends who didn’t live close by. It’s kind of got that lasting memory now for me of quieter times (in terms of it wasn’t so mainstream) when we had no phones but just enjoyed being there. 

I like filming Savannah Keenan as you can tell she’s a local. Every time I go down there she seems to have pulled a new trick out of the bag. I think my favourite moment was the first time she ollied the stairs last year. She spent 2 hours killing herself until we eventually got it on camera. 

I really hope that we could open up the old space under the building again – it used to be there when I first started. I don’t really like being watched by passing public and so very much appreciated the quieter areas.”

Animated titles by Trav Wardle

Check out Jenna’s film ‘Days Like These’

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