Coven Magazine Talks Girl Skate UK And Push The Prom

The brilliant Coven Magazine got chatting to our girl Danni this week about our upcoming Push The Prom event.


Danni explains how and why she set up Girl Skate UK, female skating and the need for girls events, Push The Prom and what to expect on the day. When asked about her thoughts on the girl skate scene today, Danni says:

Yeah it’s definitely on the up! I only started when I was 20 so haven’t been around the scene as long as some of the other girls my age but in the past few years I think numbers of girl skaters in this country has increased dramatically. Either that or they are all coming out of their hiding holes since the invention of instagram! It’s a great platform to see other skaters and before starting the blog I had no idea just how many rad girls there are shredding up and down the country!

The bigger UK skate shops are starting to support girls a little more now, with Route One, Rollersnakes & Skate Pharmacy all having a girl on their teams. It’s great as it means there is more coverage in the way of interviews and adverts which will be inspiring other girls to give it a go!

Check out the full interview over on the Coven Magazine site here.

Push The Prom is our first official event and we’re super excited, it kicks off in Brighton TOMORROW (Saturday 21st June) and you can find full information and help with transport here.


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