Cooler Mags definitive guide to this summers skate happenings

So with the first of many girls Jams just around the corner, Cooler mag has compiled its list of events, all of which are absolute musts!


Taking the number 1 spot is none other than ourselves at Girl Skate UK with our first official ‘Push the Prom’ event in Brighton on the 21st June. This event also coincides with the worldwide event that is ‘Go Skateboarding Day’. There will be more to follow on this event, but you can get the basic run down of happenings on the Facebook event page …And remember to let us know if you’re attending to get updates on the event.

To check out the Cooler list, and for info regarding all the events listed, PLUS general rad girl skate stuff go here

This summer is already shaping up to be massive and we hope to see you at one of the events, if not more!


Published by Kirsty

Music loving, basketball playing, trainer obsessed skateboarder. Currently very likely to be avoiding work by scouring the internet for skate news and video clips. Sheffield born and bred.

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