Ladies of Gloucestershire! Apparently some of you have been on your best behaviour, as Rush skatepark have decided to run yet ANOTHER girls only session on 13th June 2014! For those that don’t know, Rush is a HUGE 40,000 square foot skate park, boasting an open plan set up and ramps to suit everybody, whether you are a beginner or a pro!

Fran Stroud from Stroud, and the little celebrity Emily Holt from Malmesbury (Emily was recognised in a skate shop from the ‘Little Ladies’ interview we had with her last month!) popped along to the event to check it out. You can watch a video from the night made by Emily & her Dad, Alan above!


We caught up with Fran Stroud from Stroud for the low down…

 “Friday evening saw the first girl’s night at Rush skatepark in Brimscome, just outside Stroud in Gloucestershire. With a backdrop of disco music, the girls enjoyed having the 40,000 sqft park to themselves.

In attendance was local girl Georgia Kemp, throwing huge melon grabs and 360s into the foam pit from the 12ft drop in, as well as hitting all the other sections of the park with style. In addition, the newly dubbed “Mini Fran” was regaining confidence after a year break from skating, building up to dropping in on the 4 and 5ft quarters.
Paula was getting to grips with the bowl while Emily Holt from Malmesbury was cruising the street section, dropping into the quarters and getting her first bit of air out of the little kicker.

There was a very supportive atmosphere throughout the evening, with skateboard coach Brett giving lots of encouragement and tips. Hope to see more new faces at the next one!


 Rush Skatepark are planning to hold more girls sessions in the future so keep an eye out! In the meantime the park holds skate only nights, as well as offering beginners sessions and coaching, as well as 1:1 coaching from all ages & abilities for £30 per hour.

Details can be found on the park’s website


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