Cooler have written a funny article for you first time skate park users to give a heads up on the type of people you might encounter!
Don’t forget the Cooler Girls Only Jam at the HTC One park is TONIGHT at 6PM at the Old Selfridges Hotel on Orchard Street, London W1.
Free entry, free booze & free good times – Don’t miss it!

“Being a girl in a skatepark, you’re going to be confronted by a whole host of characters. So here to prepare you, we’ve listed some of them. This lot WON’T be at the Girls Only Session at the HTC One Selfridges skatepark on Thursday night, except for number 7…”

PrioryParkjan4th2012 019

1) The Clingy Scooter Kid

If you’re at the park when schools out you will be confronted by a million and one scooter kids. They’ll be snaking and scootering all over the place. Getting in your way and staring at you, wondering if you can do a kickflip. Do not make eye contact! As soon as you chat to them they will become your new clingy friend. They will want to borrow your board, or help you learn a new trick or just generally stand next to you at all time. Not a good accessory…


2) The BMX Crew

You’ve got your eyes set on that quarter, ready to session it and as you roll up, what appears in your path? A crew of BMX-ers. It happens. They sit like a crowd of seagulls, right by the feature you want to hit. Pedals sticking out, wheeling forward and back. How to defeat them? Charge on through or ask them politely to move…



3) The Patronising Mum

With the mums watching on from the sideline, watch out, you may be getting judged. Aww look at that young girl learning to skate. Well actually I’m 27 and I’ve been trying to skate for years.. Mums aren’t always right and they often come with kids attached that run riot round the park.

Lizzie Armanto: The Future of Women's Skateboarding

4) The Helpful Skater Chap

Doesn’t sound so bad? And it’s not. The great thing about skating is that everyone’s up for giving some tips. We’ve had all sorts of tutors in the skatepark. Often guys get a kick out of being a good skate samaritan. So take those tips and maybe one day you can pass them on.


5) The Show Off

No matter what they are on – bmx, skateboard or scooter, there will always be a lad who sees the opportunity of a girl at a skatepark as the chance to show off. Purposely throwing tricks right in front of you, sneaking some eye contact here and there. Go on give them a nod, at least they are trying.

tony hawk

6) The Rad Old Dudes

They stick to their thing, often skating the pool or bowl. Best to watch in awe at their wisdom from afar, as they air out the bowl with their full body pads. Respect.

TDHF x Cooler- Skate Jam 7

7) The Other Girls

Sometimes you’ll be super lucky and other girls will be at the skatepark too. You look at each other and nod. Automatically you are united by your boards.

Now it’s time to ignore the rest and skate. So come on down on to the HTC One Selfridges Skatepark TONIGHT (Thursday 3rd April) at 6-9pm and do just that!

Words by Hannah Bailey.

Read more at http://cooler.mpora.com/features/7-people-a-girlll-meet-in-the-skatepark.html/7#cDw2KETkh71HUJ20.99



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