The nation’s only annual action sport and music festival, which takes place on the 5th – 8th July near Bristol will host the BMX World Championships once again, with a wealth of athletes from all corners of the globe heading to the festival to perform at the 2018 NASS Pro Park as the likes of Andrew Reynoldsand Ben Raemers look to do battle in the skating events, whilst Mark Webb and Alex Donnachie face off in BMX competition.Once again, the guys at Four One Four Skateparks have come through with another incredible park design that sees the perfect mix of street and transition to offer anall-round park experience. This year, the course is packed with a healthy amount of rails, hubbas, gaps and drive ways that sit nicely alongside 14ft jump ramps, bowl corners and hips, maximising the flow of the park and offering something for every kind of skater and BMXer who will be entering this year. From the return of ‘Elvis’ to the addition of some crazy new street obstacles, the park park will offer the canvas for the world’s best BMX’ers and Skaters to express their art.Created by the UK’s leading park designers Shaun Scarfe and Trevor Johnson of Four One Four, the duo added: “We can’t wait to see the top international invitational riders hit up this year’s NASS Pro Park setup. BMXare going to kill the big hip lines and this year Skate can get fully tech on the brand new street set up. Athletes will dropping more hammers than a B&Q trainee!” Teaming up with the renowned charity, Skatepal, for the 2018 festival, NASS decided to work with the company after seeing the incredible work their projects help create.The full list of invitational skaters competing at NASS includes the likes of Alex Dechuna, Kris Vile, and Dallas-born Ke’chaud Johnson, as well as the following acclaimed names from the skating world: Aaron Jago, Adam Keats, Alex Hallford, Andrew Reynolds, Ben Broyd, Ben Raemers, Cam Barr, Charlie Munro, Chris Oliver, Daryl Dominguez, James Threlfall, Jordan Sharkey, Jordan Thackeray, Josh Young, Lucy Adams, Nick Remon, Ross McGouran, Sam Pulley, plus many more. Alongside some of the world’s finest skaters, every year some of the best BMXers from around the globe embark on Shepton Mallet to compete in the international competitions on the pro park, vert ramp and dirt course. They are notorious for going very big and are not to be missed, with Mark Webb, one of the most influential BMX riders of the last decade in attendance, despite some career-threatening injuries, which have included broken back, arm, leg, and dislocated shoulder. Mark will be up against the likes of James Jones, Tom Justice, Nick Bruce, and street specialist Alex Donnachie, who has spent the past year travelling the world with legendary producer Richard Forne.The full list of the invitational riders for NASS 2018 includes: Alex Landeros, Ash Finlay, Doug Oliveira, Isaac Lesser, Jack Clark, Jack Mould, Jack Watts, Justin Dowell, Kaine Mitchell, Mike Curley, Nick Bruce, Sam Cunningham, Shaun Gornall, Tom Milham, and Zach Newman.The Vert ramp at NASS is not only currently the biggest in Europe, but it’s also designed to the exact specifications of vert legend Tony Hawk’s needs as well as having the seal of approval from BMX legend Mat Hoffman. The vert competitions always draw huge crowds so be sure to get down early to grab a spot!For the first time ever, NASS have introduced their very own app which includes sport scheduling, announcements and releases plus much more, be sure to download the app to stay in the know: NASS is the #1 music and action sports festival in the UK – join us from the 5th to the 8th July 2018. Festival address: Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet BA4 6QN


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