‘CRAFT IS NOT A DIRTY WORD’ – Lovenskate retrospective at Parlour Skate Store

Last Thursday evening saw the launch of ‘CRAFT IS NOT A DIRTY WORD’, a retrospective of Lovenskate‘s hand-screen printed boards at Parlour Skate Store in Shoreditch.

Craft is NOT confined to Nana’s knitting bag.

Craft IS eye of newt, toe of frog…

Craft is NOT expensive.

Craft IS ‘what you put in, you get out’.

Craft is NOT just for christmas.

Craft IS respect for materials.

Craft is NOT ‘push button for instant gratification’.

Craft IS vale la pena.

Craft is NOT as quick and as cheap as possible.

Craft IS busy right now, but will get back to you ASAP.

Craft is NOT just for kids.

Craft IS thinking with your hands and your head

Craft is NOT giving up, until it’s done.

Craft IS creativity x knowledge = value.

Craft is NOT a dirty word.

Lovenskate was founded in 2001 by owner and creator Stu Smith AKA ‘the nicest guy in skateboarding’ (and if you’ve ever met him, you’ll know this to be 100% true!). The Lovenskate philosophy is described by the man himself as a continuous process of living, learning, loving and skating. 

During the last 15 years, Lovenskate have collaborated with a number of artists and illustrators who have designed board, stickers, mugs and apparel graphics; including Paul Parker, French, James Callahan, Street Canoe, Graham Mitchell, Jon Horner, Dan Holliday & Rob Ryan.

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From two-colour centre-of-the-board graphics, right the way through to twelve-colour tip-to-tail labours of love, the exhibition offers a sneak peek into the inky world of Lovenskate and it’s London studio and is running for another week, until Thursday 31st March at Parlour Skate Store, 59 Hackney Road, E2 7NX.

Alternatively you can hit the Lovenskate link to check out all the latest offerings from their squeegees and beyond.




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