Days Like These Rider Profile – Savannah Keenan

Our third Days Like These Rider Profile comes in the form of Savannah Keenan! Check what the girl from South London has to say about the film and don’t forget if you want to come and see the premier at the House of Vans on Saturday 5th Dec book here

Questions by Lucy Adams. Photos by Jenna Selby.

Days Like These Images

Is Days Like These the first full part you’ve ever worked on?
Yes, this will be the first part that I have ever worked on all together, I’ve never really filmed for skating other than the few clips I’ve thrown on my Instagram page.
How do you feel about being involved in the project?
I am super super hyped and pretty shocked Jenna has asked me to be a main part of this film but I am grateful. I still have a few more clips to get but I’m just looking forward to the screening now at House of Vans.
Does skating with other females inspire you?
Skating with girls isn’t something I get to do very often but when I do it’s great fun. It’s definitely a different and encouraging environment compared from being with the boys.
Any good stories from filming missions that you care to share?
Not really to be honest but there have been many times where I have  been trying to get a clip all day to the point where I was just going to forget about it all but eventually after a sudden burst of adrenaline mixed with anger I’ve been able to get the trick.
Who’s part are you looking forward to the most?
Hands down its got to be Josie! She’s just incredible right?

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