Days Like These Rider Profile – Julia Brueckler

The second Rider Profile from Days Like These Film is Julia Brueckler! See what the Austrian powerhouse has to say about the upcoming release!

All photos : Jenna Selby


Is Days Like These the first full part you’ve ever worked on?

No. I’ve  filmed a couple of other edits in the last few years.

How do you feel about being involved in the project?                                I’m super stoked to be part of it. I love skating with the other girls involved and filming with Jenna is always great.

Does skating with other females inspire you?

Yes. I usually skate with only guys, but the vibe and the motivation is completely different when skating with girls!

Days Like These Images

Any good stories from filming missions that you care to share?

Jenna and me went to Seattle, one day we wanted to film a trick in the city. There was a lot of traffic and a few homeless guys were sleeping right on the ledge I wanted to get a trick on. Suddenly an angry looking security guard came out of the building next to it but not to kick us out – he told the (very poor) homeless guys to leave and we could skate 🙂

Who’s part are you looking forward to the most?

Your’s, Zoe’s and Dora’s!