Partially Sighted Skateboarder Georgia-Rose for Gap Kids Collection…

The Guardian got in touch with us a few months ago, seeking a new face for the UK Gap Kids x Ellen Degeneres Collection. They had to be strong, brave, and to be able to overcome the odds… We knew just the person.

We’ve known Georgia for a couple of years now, giving her skate lessons at the House Skatepark in Sheffield every week. Georgia quickly found her own feet and was competing around the country in no time. We absolutely love seeing Georgia progress and doing so well with skateboarding. For this little girl, skateboarding really has changed her life.

Read Georgia’s story in the Guardian below…

‘It was a fall that would end in triumph, not disaster. “She stood on the edge of the precipice and then dropped for what seemed like an eternity: my heart was in my mouth.” Julie Scott is describing the moment her 10-year-old daughter, Georgia-Rose, plummeted through the air in front of her eyes, drawing gasps from a gathered crowd.
Georgia-Rose wasn’t taking an untimely tumble – she was “dropping in” on her skateboard, competing in the UK Independent Vert Series. And the crowd’s gasps weren’t ones of anxiety, but awe, as she successfully skated one of the UK’s highest vertical ramps at Blackpool’s Ramp City Skatepark.

Watching their child leap from a four-metre-high wall on a plank with wheels would give any mother palpitations, but this plunge carried a heightened level of risk, because Georgia-Rose is visually impaired. Born with congenital nystagmus, and registered as partially sighted, Georgia-Rose has been told she’ll never be able to drive a car, but in all other aspects of life, her foot is firmly on the gas.

The Leeds skater discovered her love and natural ability for the sport after tagging along to her brother’s lesson just two years ago. It was a day that would change her life.

“I used to get bullied about my eyes,” says Georgia-Rose, who experiences involuntary eye movement and blurred vision as a result of her condition. “It really affected my confidence, but being part of the skateboarding community has made me feel accepted for who I am. It’s like a big family and everyone’s welcome, whoever you are.”

“GapKids’ latest campaign GIRL with Ellen DeGeneres features modern girls who are reaching their dreams and igniting change. Girl empowerment begins with us all.”

With her impressive passion, positivity and determination, Georgia-Rose is inspiring young people around the globe through GapKids ED, the new children’s collection for Gap by Ellen DeGeneres, which celebrates girls, encouraging them to embrace their individuality and achieve the extraordinary.

With boards often considered to be toys for the boys, Georgia-Rose is on a mission to help more girls and kids with disabilities take up skating. “Some people think that others will laugh at them if they can’t do it, but I want to show them that anyone can do anything if they really want to. You just need to have the courage to try and commit to it.”

When she’s not hitting the half pipe, Georgia-Rose keeps a journal of her aspirations, goals and poems. She says: “Poetry has helped me to become the person I really want to be.

The Gap Kids x ED collection is for doers, dancers and dreamers, bikers, boarders and builders – the GapKids ED collection is empowering girls everywhere. A collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres’ new lifestyle brand – available at Gap stores and online at


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