Interview with Autumn, 3yr old viral skateboarder from Brighton

3yr old Autumn Bailey from Brighton, UK, has been kicking up quite the fuss on instagram this summer and has racked up a steady 5 and a half thousand followers in the short 4 months since her Mum, Tara, started the account.

It was Autumns second video that got us swooning, dressed in a pink beanie and bright yellow T-shirt, we saw her manual scraping down hills and grabbing her board tucknee, we were instantly besotted!

Since it’s Autumns THIRD birthday today, we wanted to catch up with her to see what life as a skateboarding toddler is all about!

Hi Autumn! You’re so good! How long have you been skating?

Autumn: I’ve been skating since I was born

Tara: She’s been skating for one year

I’m sure everyone would like to get to know you a little better, tell us, does anyone else in your family skate?

A: Daddy and that’s it

Who teaches you?

A: Ali teaches me new tricks (@a.jassim_uk) and Mummy

You look fearless! Do you ever get scared?

A: Yes, scared I might fall down

What about you Tara? Do you ever get scared for Autumn or are you pretty confident in her abilities? How do you keep her safe whilst she’s skateboarding?

T: I don’t really get scared for her. I think people don’t always get that we build up to the big things really carefully, and I have absolute trust in her ability and that she knows how to land. I also trust that she wont ask to do anything she is not comfortable with (although I do occasionally say no if she goes for a huge ramp or drop in)

To keep her safe she has pads and a helmet, and she has learnt how to fall on her knees. She also trusts me completely and knows I wont let her fall, and I trust her.

Check out Autumns Hall Of Meat Compilation video!

Who gets you hyped to skate?

A: Lizzie (Armanto) Lola (T) Poppy & Ruby (Dolan)

Do you have any brother or sisters?

A: No, I want a baby with a dummy

I bet you get lots of people telling you ‘you’re pretty good, for a kid’ ? 😉

A: No, they say I’m better than a kid.

T: she often gets, ‘you’re good for a 2 yr old girl’

You get around for a 3 year old! Not many of us can say we have skated Venice beach! Where is your favourite place to skate and what has been your favourite skatepark so far?

A: California and Brighton.

T: Autumns favourite skatepark is Robb Field in San Diego because she loved the tiny bowls there. She also loves a Hollingdean skatepark in Brighton because she is super comfortable and used to it.

We’ve seen lots of clips of you skating the streets of Brighton, do you prefer to skate street rather than in skateparks?

A: I like skating on the street because I like pushing.

So you’ve got rock to fakes absolutely dialled already! But what’s your favourite trick? and what is the trick you most dream of learning?

A: Ollie (favourite) Jump and turn around on my board. (Dream)

T: She can’t ollie yet, but she thinks that jumping on her board is it.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

A: Kick my door

Is that true Tara?!

T: She‘s correct, when she is sent to her room she will kick the door as hard as she can! She’s not particularly naughty, but incredibly strong willed and defiant. If you look away for 1 minute she will have climbed to the highest point of anything she can just to prove a point.

She learnt to push in a shop in brighton simply because I asked her not to skate so she decided that was a perfect moment to learn to push herself along.

She has also dropped a few casual swears when she messes up in skating (and always finishes off by asking if it’s ok that she said that)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: A really, really brilliant skateboarder!

How is it for you to have a skateboarding toddler? Any funny stories?

T: Funniest moments for me always happen when she gets cocky or shows off.. this can be anything from loudly telling people on scooters it’s a skatepark and they are not allowed there, to screaming enthusiastically from the sidelines to cheer on people skating – but throwing them off their game!

She does throw massive tantrums at the skatepark and people sometimes seem to forget that despite her ability she is still 2. She gets mega frustrated if she cant land a trick. Also I stop her skating if I feel she is too tired (that’s when it becomes dangerous) and she has had a few screaming episodes then where she will march off with her skateboard to carry on and I have had to literally drag her out! (Laughs)

And Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The big THREE! What are you going to do today?!

A: Playing, going to the skatepark and going on the train to london!

Sounds perfect! We look forward to seeing the videos and photos, have a lovely day Autumn!!!

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