Welcoming Em Ledger of Getbusy!

20140513-231003.jpgWe are SO stoked to announce that Em Ledger from the late Getbusy store has joined our growing team of writers for the blog!

We were absolutely gutted to hear of the closure of our favourite UK girls store, ‘Getbusy’ on April 25th 2014. Aptly named, the girls behind Getbusy did exactly that, sorting all of us ladies out with fresh threads in head to toe coolness from all of our favourite brands.

We had an article about the store and all of its glory written up ready to post when we learnt of the sad news via their instagram page. Sophie Pethers, one of our writers for Girl Skate UK had a few words to say about the store…

‘Getbusy’ is, simply put, a life savour for all girl skaters out there. Don’t get me wrong, I love the comfort of wearing guy-cut t-shirts for skating, especially for when off for a skate after a hench burger and 2 pint milkshake to hide the growing food baby comfortably. However, when the suns out I find the only thing I can wear are girl-cut t-shirts and vest tops otherwise I over heat in minutes!
  ‘Get Busy’ store sells big brand skate clothes in girl cuts to fit every body shape; from Diamond Supply fitted t-shirts to women’s Carharrt trousers, ‘Get Busy’ provides all the essentials a girl will need to go skate, and all provided on one website, saving the hassle of having to search the internet for hours to try and find comfortable and stylish clothing.”

Photo courtesy of Cooler Mag, head over to their website for more on Em & Getbusy!

We caught up with Em and asked her for a few words on the ‘Heartbreaking decision” to close up shop and find out a bit more about what she’s up to at the moment…

“I recently had to make the incredibly hard decision to close Getbusy Store after 3 years of representing women and girls in the street, skate and active sports industry. Our main goal, as a business was to provide a welcoming space for women, to buy a wide range of styles and sizes for many identities, from a bunch of brands and close that gap
in the market, something we as customers and individuals were frustrated with previously. We loved the idea of a store for street and skate wear that was run by women, for women and to build a community to help strengthen the growing community and all the amazing
ladies out there killin it.

Unfortunately, despite our regular customers, positive reviews and continued growth, the current climate for small independent businesses is a real struggle and we were unable to carry on.

We are so proud of what we achieved though and we feel we certainly left a mark as women in the industry. We look forward with a hope that more women come forward and continue to widen this sisterhood and help provide positive influences and role models for eachother and showcase our skills, talents and creativity on a large scale.

After shutting up shop, i moved back to my hometown and i’m currently finding my feet and thinking about what’s next… (i’m also on the look out for girl skaters in Doncaster to hit up local spots with – hit me up guys!) The whole process has obviously been quite stressful but i’m determined to keep on and stay positive. I’ve always loved writing so am taking the time to get back into freelance journalism, blogging and making print zines.

Having the opportunity to write for this site is a huge honour
and i’m so excited to get started!”

We are STOKED to have you on the team Em!!

Contact Emma by Twitter or visit her Blog.

Read more about Ems’ decision to close the beloved Getbusy store in her recent interview with Cooler Magazine, HERE…


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4 thoughts on “Welcoming Em Ledger of Getbusy!

    1. Hi Jacquie! Thanks for getting in touch! That’s so great that you want to learn to skateboard! The best advice we could give is to visit your local skater owned store (let us know where you live and we can help you to find one close to you) and go in and have chat with them about the kind of thing you want to skate (street, parks, bowls etc) and they will help you to choose a good start off set up for you!

      In the mean time you should come check out some of the girl skate events around the UK! The next one coming up is our own ‘Push The Prom’ event in Brighton on June 21st, then there will the the annual Girls Skate Jam in Hertfordshire the following Saturday 28th, even if it’s just to come along and watch and meet some new friends!

      Best of luck choosing a board and we hope to see you shredding this summer!

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