Should Mums Stay out of the Skatepark?

The recent Cooler article ‘Should Mums Stay out of the Skatepark?’ has got us thinking. Written by the mags own Editor, Sam Haddad, as she reminisces on her golden years and times gone by.

Sam speaks of her worries with dusting off her old deck and hitting the parks now that she is a mother…


“The parent thing isn’t because I’m more scared of getting hurt nor is it about being worried about what people think. 

It’s more that I’m weary of tainting the skatepark space with my unhipness; making it a place that kids don’t want to play and depriving them of skateboarding, this really awesome thing.”


We can totally see where Sam is coming from, after all, most of us weren’t into the things our parents were at the time either. But this is skateboarding. Skateboarding couldn’t ever be uncool to those who have ever loved it, could it?
Since starting up our Instagram account, we have been amazed at just how many super cool Mums & Dads there around the UK! We know loads of kids who love to go skating with their parents (it’s way easier to persuade you to take them to rad skateparks all day!)


Take 7yr old Hannah Maxwell and her parents, Max & Mandy…
Max started skating maybe 5 yrs ago, and only AFTER his two sons had started. He figured that he was spending a lot of time at skateparks with his home-schooled children, why not make the most of his time there? Now, earlier this year, Mandy along with her older sister have taken up the addictive pastime! Hannah, her older brothers Isaac & Seth, and little sister Martha, absolutely LOVE that they have two skateboarding parents!
They get to spend real quality time together as a family doing something that they all love.
What’s cooler than that?

So, we think that you should let that skateboard of yours see a bit more sunshine Sam, don’t worry about making it uncool or unhip, because you couldn’t possibly!
The next sunny day just grab your kids, grab your board and enjoy skating for what it is, and never forget that feeling of the wind in your hair as your dog dragged you through the outskirts of London, husky sledge-stylee!

Read Sams article at


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