The ladies from the Easter WeSC Skate Camp shredding RockCity Skatepark in Hull, East Yorkshire Feat. Kirsty Tonner, Danni Gallacher, Freya Brooks, Georgia-Rose Scott, Poppy Hill and Yasmin Davies! Watch the full official easter edit from Camp WeSC here.. Sign up to Summer Camps in JULY/AUGUST over at WWW.CAMPWESCUK.COM now, there are a few spacesContinue reading “CAMP WESC GIRLS EASTER EDIT ONLINE”

Camp WeSC Easter Camp This Week! 

 We will be spending the week at RockCity in Hull for the Camp WeSC Easter Skate Camp!   It’s looking about 60/40 boys to girls this year, which means we are getting close to an even participation…  We would love to see more girls shredding with the boys so take a look at one ofContinue reading “Camp WeSC Easter Camp This Week! “


Happy 25th Birthday Shelley –  Thanks for being our instagram feed commander in chief, a good friend, and most importantly… a right laugh! Hope you have a good one mate, from GSUK and all of the lands lady shredders! We’ve put together a little edit of your insta mashups – hope you like! x

Camp WeSC UK: Girls Easter Edit 2015

Check out what went down at the Skate Camp last month in Rockcity, Hull for the Camp WeSC UK Easter Camp… featuring Kirsty Tonner, Danni Gallacher, Georgia-Rose Scott and Freya Brown! You can check out information on future skate camps by visiting WWW.CAMPWESCUK.COM, spaces for summer camp are pretty much FULL now, (the lovely Helena LongContinue reading “Camp WeSC UK: Girls Easter Edit 2015”

Camp WeSC UK Hull Summer skate edit!

The footage from the Summer skate camp at Rockcity Skatepark for Camp WeSC UK is now online! Check the edit above featuring Kirsty Tonner, Danni Gallacher, Marion Fernande, Ellie Grant, Maisie Kelly and loads more! You can recap on the week with a write up from Ellie Grant and some lovely Photos from Jason Lewer!Continue reading “Camp WeSC UK Hull Summer skate edit!”

Camp WeSC UK – Week One in Hull

This Friday saw the last day of the WeSC Summer Camp in Hull. We’re so proud to be associated with the event and have some of our team helping out and coaching too.. With week one over we’re super stoked and now gearing up for week two down in Truro! There are still a fewContinue reading “Camp WeSC UK – Week One in Hull”