In Womxn We Trust

‘In Womxn We Trust’ is an underground music show that aims to highlight womxn in creative industries. This PRIDE month Drum & Bass DJ, Amy B interviewed Cassie and Amelia, two skateboarders from the LGBTQIA+ community, on Subtle Radio. They shared their experiences on being queer in skateboarding and how they finally found a safe space where they were free to be themselves.

The show is due to be broadcast on Monday 21st June 4-5pm

Cassie said: “You feel free to be yourself, which is so important as a queer person, because some environments can be quite hostile and you start thinking: ‘should I come out, should I not come out’, but immediately with skateboarding, for me, I felt I could definitely be myself here. 

“I can dress how I want to dress, skate how I want to skate, talk how I want to talk and there’s nobody telling me that I have to be a certain way, which is so refreshing.”

“It’s about you as a person having fun.”

Amelia said: “I love being queer and I love skateboarding and so far it has been such a positive experience for me, which is so nice. 

In other situations like a workplace environment or where you’re meeting a large group of people, you think: ‘I’m going to have to come out to them at some point and I should probably do it as soon as possible’, but with skateboarding, it never even crossed my mind. In this community I am a skateboarder and that is all that matters.” 

Tune in to listen to Cassie and Amelia share their personal journeys, and also some very important advice about how we can support and encourage more members of the LGBTQIA+ community to skateboard.

The show is due to be broadcast on Monday 21st June 4-5pm

Amy B – @amyb_dnb // Cassie – // Amelia – @ameliabugskates // Subtle Radio – @subtleradio

More info about Subtle Radio can be found at


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