ArtHole’s ‘Gnarrly’ Zine – coming soon to a pair of eyes near you

Armed with a DIY ethos and a whole lotta creativity, ArtHole (@artholecardiff) are a pair of Cardiff-based illustrators (and skaters!) making their own way in the UK’s creative community.

The pair host pop-up events and partake in art and illustration fairs to spread the love within their local scene and beyond, and are now back with their second zine covering all things GNARRLY (with two r’s)!

It’s a tough act to follow after their first mag all about geese, but the Gnarrly zine promises to be full of skate-related goodness, among other things. That includes artwork, interviews, and photography for a start!

Oh, and did I mention there are plenty of features from some of our favourite female creatives on four wheels? With the likes of Rumer Lewis (@rmrlwsillustration), Lauren of (@goofyprints), and Kay Russant (@krussant), founder of Cardiff’s own Prom Queen Social Club (@promqueensc) gracing ArtHole’s pages the zine is sure to knock your socks off.

What more could you need!?

Trick tips included (kind of)

Unfortunately, pre-orders for the mag are now sold out, but fear not! Extra copies will be available on ArtHole’s site on or around the 17th of May, so keep your eyes on their insta page for details. Go on, treat yourself for their birthday.

Cheers, yeah?

Gnarrly zine available at


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