Some Space

Take a breather.

Social media can be an intense place, so to combat any distressing feelings or bad vibes, we’ve complied a list of resources, activities, and feel-good stuff as a distraction ♥

Mental Health Resources

NHS Self-help:

Sexual Violence Support:

These are the resources and charities listed in the article this page is linked to, but this time you won’t have to scroll past any potentially triggering content.

Other Mental Health Initiatives

Calming Distractions

  • Explore – all kinds of livestreams, with plenty of cute animals and soothing landscapes (including the northern lights!)
  • 100,000 Stars – take a trip through the universe.
  • A Soft Murmur – calming ambient sounds.

Cheer yourself up

Great Time Wasters

Some less calming, potentially more time consuming distractions:

  • The Useless Web -takes you to a random site, often with little to no purpose.
  • Curations – make your own exhibition starring works by any artist you fancy.
  • This is Sand – make piles of colourful sand, very satisfying.
  • Incredibox – make some quick and easy tunes.
  • Geoguessr – this game drops you at a random place on earth, and using only street view, your task is to figure out where you landed.


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