Meet the 68yr old saying ‘shuvit’ to cancer


Meet Elaine Shallcross, the 68 year old cancer fighter who, having never stepped on a skateboard before, is learning how to do a shuvit to raise money for breast cancer research!

We have been following Elaines journey on Instagram and have been sharing her story far and wide over the last few days to try to help her raise awareness for her campaign. In just 48 hours Elaines account has exploded and has gained over 2200 new followers at time of writing this post!


Elaine invites you to go out and film a shuvit, then post it to your Instagram with the hashtag #shuvitcancer and tagging her @shuvitcancer so that she can repost your video and spread awareness of her campaign.

DON’T FORGET the most important part, is to DONATE to the campaign once you have shared your clip.
You can Donate here 

We think she is amazing and want to offer a little token of our support by helping to raise some money towards her goal of £10,000 and so are donating £5 from every sale of our new hoody to the ‘SHUVIT CANCER’ campaign… until she lands it!

Click here to visit our shop!

With all the motivation and support she’s getting across the world from kids to pro skateboarders, we don’t reckon it will be too long!


You can follow Elaines journey and find out more by checking out her insta page @shuvitcancer  Go give her a follow and say hello, don’t forget to @ her in your shuv it clips!

PS, if you don’t want a hood but you still want to help fight the cause, you can donate direct to Elaine by clicking here!


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