Girl Skate UK at SLS: Feat. Lacey Baker & Vanessa Torres

It was the second time the women’s competition was on at Street League and I was in the states already so obviously wanted to go check it out. I had been in Chicago for the first stop last October and was intrigued to see how things had changed.

 The night I arrived in LA, Helena was already in town too so we headed to see the Quit Your Day Job premiere. It was an emotional moment for all the skaters involved and the industry- the premiere had an amazing turnout and lots of supporters. It really showed my how much can change in a year (with a lot of work from the women’s skate scene!).

That weekend was Street League so Helena came with to check it out. We enjoyed watching the competition, and women’s skate going down on a massive platforms- live on Fox, live in the arena.. The pressure was real! After the comp I had the opportunity to interview Lacey for Huck Magazine about the win second time around. 

But, after such a high pressure competitive day, Helena wanted to ask some funny questions and keep it real. She’d scribbled out a load of things to ask (created in partnership with Kristen Ebeling of Skate Witches). So we went hunting after the comp to track down Vanessa Torres and Mariah Duran- they were the two we really wanted to chat with. 

We had a laugh and hope you will to, so check it out…

Words by Hannah Bailey


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