Sarah Meurle Kingpin Interview & Part In Poetic Collective’s “White Black Colour

Swedish skateboard style connoisseur Sarah Meurle has a sick new interview up on Kingpin Mag site accompanied by some brand new photos and her part from Poetic Collectives new visual offering ‘White Black Colour’.

Sarah M

Photo: Alana Paterson

It’s a must read on this grey Saturday morning! Sarah covers everything from her views on how female skateboarding is blowing up right now….

“I think one effect of skateboarding being so big now, that all of a sudden the women have become more interesting than the men. Because they haven’t been exposed as much.”

To signing for Nike SB….

“I’m really stoked to be on Nike SB, I literally just signed the contract yesterday! It’s a new energy and inspiration to keep on doing what I’ve been doing but even more. It opens up an area of time ­ I don’t have to take an extra job alongside my studies.”