Womens Kimberley Diamond Cup – TONIGHT!!

Well if you thought Sundays Street League finals were exciting, then you are in for another treat this evening. The Kimberley Diamond Cup, which takes place in South Africa, will be streamed live tonight from 5.30pm UK time. This will be the 3rd year of the competition, but the just the 2nd year with international female skaters competing. Samarria Brevard came out on top last year, with Alexis Sablone and Pamela Rosa rounding of 2nd and 3rd respectively. Other big names in the mix will be Vanessa Torres, Lacey Baker and Leticia Bufoni, who all gave a fantastic showing at Street League earlier this week, with Leticia triumping, but it looks like this competition could be anyones! Go to the Kimberley Diamond Cup website at 5.30pm tonight to watch the stream.


Published by Kirsty

Music loving, basketball playing, trainer obsessed skateboarder. Currently very likely to be avoiding work by scouring the internet for skate news and video clips. Sheffield born and bred.

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