Camilla Mullins Joins Ten Skateboards Europe Team

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Congratulations Camilla on joining the ‘Ten Skateboard’s’ European girl’s team, you have truly stepped up street skating for the girls in the UK at the moment. We wanted to have a chat to see what you’re up to. So Firstly, how did you get onto a German team?!

I believe that I have to thank Girl Skate UK for that actually…Christian and Carla from Ten Skateboards had been scouting for someone new to join their team and saw a few videos/photos online and contacted me through the GirlSkateUk instagram!
So…Thanks guys! 

How long have you been skateboarding and where do you live at the moment?
I live in London now and started skating when I was 10, had to stop at 16 and picked it up again a few years ago.

How much do you travel with skateboarding?
I travel as much as possible but having a full time job makes it quite hard, I have been to Barcelona already this year and am heading to Berlin in April for a Ten Skateboards girls tour. 


Favourite trick, spot, brand and skateboarder?
My favourite spot would be Barcelona …All of it. My favourite trick would be any new trick I learn I don’t really have a favourite brand in skateboarding right now. I have lots of respect for brands that are built by skateboarders for skateboarders like my two sponsors Rokeo and Ten. My favourite skateboarders would be all of the rad people I have had the privilege of skating with over the last 15 years. So many legends.

Any upcoming skateboarding events you’re excited for this 2015? And will we be seeing you at our first birthday at Broom Skatepark, Leicester next month?!
I’m still waiting to hear back from work to find out if I have the days off, but I really hope so!! The Girl skate Jam that runs at Pioneer Skatepark every year is always the event I look most forward to.

Have to skate soon, wish you the best in 2015 with skateboarding, much love Shelldogg

See Camillas insta-welcome clip below!

Words by Shelley

Photos from Harvey Mills and Bay Sixty6

See more of Camilla here



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