Girls Only……No Boys Allowed!
Wednesday 25th February
7pm – 10pm


Unit3sixty Indoor skatepark covers 22,000 sq.ft and flows into two areas.
The first is a street plaza with rails, hubbera, grind boxes, banked quarters etc.

The second area contains the UK’s biggest indoor bowl (Goliath) with vert-walls, volcano, jump box and the UK’s first wooden capsule (The death star) allowing you to perform a loop-d-loop.
A second smaller kidney shaped bowl (David) stands next to it with tight banks and hips.

There is also have a shop containing essential components and apparel.
A cafe with hot and cold food and drinks available 10am – 21:30pm
A soft seating area with free wi-fi available and a large mezzanine viewing gallery overlooking the street plaza.

Check out the opening jam edit below…

Further dates for girls only sessions are:

– Wednesday March 25th
– Wednesday April 22nd
– Wednesday 20th May
– Wednesday 17th June

All the dates are now listed on the website, just head to the Prices & Sessions page!

Park Info:
Unit3sixty Indoor Skatepark
Block F, Units 5&6
Mill Race Lane
West Midlands
Tel: 01384 376728

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @unit3sixty


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