On Wednesday evening we started the million mile journey down (thanks for driving Sarah!) to Stourbridge to attend the first ever Girls Only night at the newly finished skatepark, Unit3Sixty. It was also a kind of ‘final skate’ for Emma Richardson, who is moving back to France today (Safe travels Tiny!!!)  We also met up with Claire Alleaume, Zoe Kings, Mell Burnett, 15 yr old Brodie and 14 yr old Zoe Faulkner who we helped learn to drop in (well done Zoe!!)

Set in a huge warehouse and split in to two parts, the tranny room housed a super fun 4ft bowl which is great for learning how to carve, and also a gargantuan bowl with loads of different sized transitions and transfers galore.  The street section provides loads of space without cramming too much in, and we spent a lot of the night playing on the little hip, that Zoe Kings absolutely smashed.

The staff at the park were all super friendly and encouraging to all of the beginners and made their way around and had a chat with everyone. What a shame it’s so far away as we would definitely be spending a lot more time there otherwise!

Good night!


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