Ivy Martin @elivymartin took a pretty bad slam to the face this week whilst hill bombing in Austin, Texas. Thrasher magazine caught up with the Ivy to see if she was ok…

“I will attempt to bomb any hill. I had bombed this particular hill with a regular skateboard, but yesterday was the first time I had ever attempted to bomb any hill on a longboard. I rarely even ride a longboard. I wanted to get a clip of me bombing the Barton Springs hill, so my boyfriend Zach set up his phone in a tree branch and we were attempting to do a test run for our clip.

I ended up with road rash all over my body. My thigh and elbows are especially shredded. I got two pretty big cuts on the top of my head, along with tons of asphalt in my hair and two huge gashes above my left eye. Not to mention I only have half an eyebrow now. The doctors decided not to do stitches and I was not diagnosed with a concussion.”

Click here to read the full article and to watch the clip!