Lois & Helena at Bingley Skatepark 2010


Looks like those over at Sidewalk have been delving deep into the archives and dusting off some old footage. Earlier today the aptly named clip, ‘Bingley Bad Girls’ surfaced. The clip sees the girls shedding bingley skatepark in 2010. Click the picture above to go over to the Sidewalk site and feast your eyes!

Lois and Helena now reside together in the big smoke of London, and Helena is currently passing on her super skateboard skills to the kids on Camp WeSC in Truro this week so expect more footage of Helena from us in the coming weeks.


Published by Kirsty

Music loving, basketball playing, trainer obsessed skateboarder. Currently very likely to be avoiding work by scouring the internet for skate news and video clips. Sheffield born and bred.

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