Camp WeSC Week 1: Hull

As a last minute decision on sunday night, I was (easily) pursuaded to head down to Hull to join Camp WeSC for a day of skating and fun. After the kids arrived one by one, we were eager to get skating and headed off to Rock City Skatepark.


Upon arrival we were stoked to get skating. Rock City offered something for all of the campers of varying abilities and styles, from a ‘mini mini’ half pipe, to rails, a bowl and a coin. We were all blown away by the progress that we saw each other make, from the first day to the last. What was clear on this camp, was the growing number of girls with us! Throughout the 5 days we were there, we were graced with the company of 14 girls coming from Sheffield to Scarborough and Oxford, and ranging from the age of 9 to 37, showing you’re never too old or young to skate!

On day one, we were joined by the lovely Sacha and Chloe from Sheffield, in which we saw Chloe transition from feeling reluctant to drop in, to her dropping in on her own and doing rock fakies.  We also got the other Chloe switching from her blades to a board, and she ended up with some rad rock fakies in the bowl. The progress got us all hyped to skate!

The same atmosphere was continued for the girls on day 2 & 3 in which we were joined by 5 girls from Oxford who were keen for a skate. We quickly saw them dropping in on the mini, doing rock fakies, bertslides, and attempting ollies on the coin! One of the girls even dropped in on the 5ft mini and nearly had rock fakies, and this was only her 4th ever time on a skateboard! As always, cool to see girls learning new tricks.


Showing some steez for the younger girls were Georgia (age 9) and Freya (age 12) of Sheffield. They were showing some impressive skill for the girls with Georgia nailing Feeble Fakies and Freya rocking kickflips. One to definitely keep an eye out for is 12 year Maisie from Scarborough who showed some girl power when she broke her thumb on the first day of camp and had a fun trip to hospital. Despite this, she powered through and skated with one useful hand, and even beat some of the boys on camp in a game of Skate! Maisie showed some rad progress on camp, learning fakie shuvits, rock fakies, fakie rocks, 50-50s, tail stalls and dropped off the coin. We were super proud of the progress she made, and she couldn’t wait to practice her new skills on the concrete half pipe back in Scarborough!


Maisie still looking kick ass in A&E!

Also joining us was the lovely Marion, who killed it going for kickflips over the coin gap! Coaches Danni and Kirsty were also happy to show their progress, as they learnt a load of new tricks. Kirsty showed some great skill when mastering hippy jumps, Backside Flips, Ollie Rocks and Danni learned how to Nollie 180, Front Shuv, Half Cab Flip and even got into the final of the game of Skate with the lads!

photo (4)

Ed’s S.K.A.T.E scorecard! Check our girls winning!

photo (10)

Of course, this week was not just about the girls. We saw Ed nailing ollies over the bench, Joe with no complies on the coin, Alex getting double heelflips, Brad landing kickflips and Luke winning the camp game of skate and getting nose manuals with a 180 out on the ledge. A whole range of skills were shown from everyone, from both the kids and pros. For me personally, the camp was an incredible week which got me hyped to learn new things; so much so that i ended up staying the entire week after intending to stay for one day. The entire camp showed progress and above all, had fun. There was no better end to an amazing week than a skatepark bbq with the campers. It was safe to say that no one wanted to go home… Bring on Easter 2015!

The next stop for the camp is in Truro from Monday 11th of August. Email to get involved for the day or for the full 5 days.

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