She Shredder Portrait Series by Olivia Bohac


We learnt of this beautiful photo series via Cooler Magazine a few months back and we thought we would share it with you guys, on our shiny new website!

hannah by olivialucy by oliviaShe_Shredderz_05-620x930Olivia is just 21 and currently in her final year at Falmouth University, here are a few of her own words about the project…

“I think girls are still battling the many preconceived ideas and stereotypes that sport presents to them, but those barriers are continuously being broken down. To entice and increase the number of girls in any sport requires commitment and positivity, and sessions like She Shredders that have been set-up so people can try out the sport or just meet new people to enjoy it with, are a perfect example of moving forward!
Through these portraits I wanted to bring a face and a voice to girls who participate in skating.”

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