Olympic Street: A Quick Recap

Last week we saw skateboarding making its Olympic debut. Originally announced in 2016, skating’s inclusion has been the subject of 5 years’ worth of anticipation and debate. Whether or not you personally believe skateboarding should be featured in the Olympics, or even be considered a sport, it is undoubtedly a pivotal moment. Skateboarding’s acceptance intoContinue reading “Olympic Street: A Quick Recap”


Crossfire have posted a really rad and well written article properly covering the pros and cons of Skateboarding in the Tokyo 2020 olympics…  Make sure you read the full article by clicking either links above or below the snippet. A must read! “Firstly, the Olympics will raise skateboarding’s profile with governments, charities and corporate sponsors, resulting inContinue reading “OLYMPIC SKATEBOARDING 2020: YAY OR NAY?”