Get Lesta Get 420 Premiere

So, its Wednesday evening and I think I am just about fully recovered from (probably) 2016’s best UK skate video and its premiere night at Broom skatepark in, yeah, you guessed it, Leicester. Callun Loomes’ 4th installment of the Get Lesta series, Get 420, follows the previous 3 films and has been in the works for around 2 years. Get Lesta was originally skaters from the Midlands and surrounding areas, but over the years the Get Lesta films have started to capture a lot more of the UK skate scene. Regulars include; Kris Vile, Charlie Munro, James Bush, Will Golding, Lucas Healey, Mark Stern and flying the flag for the girls, Zeta Rush. Zeta has held it down for the girls in the previous film, Get 3, and certainly does so again with a banger of a full part in Get 420, but this time backed up by a whole host of some of the UK’s finest other female skaters, Such as; Danni Gallacher, Rianne Evans, Stef Nurding, Zoe Kings and Savannah Stacey Keenan.

After watching the above teaser, and if you failed to make it to the amazing premiere night, then I suggest you head straight over to Get Lesta and order yourself a copy because you will not be disappointed. Or even if you were there, like the majority of people, myself included, you might have had a few ales and therefore might not remember it in its epic entirety, so…. BUY IT NOW, and support true UK skateboarding, by skaters all for the love of skateboarding.

Finally big up everyone involved in the premiere night at Broom, such a great night with an amazing turn out as what could only be expected!

NOW GO BUY THE DVD>>>>>> Get 420


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Music loving, basketball playing, trainer obsessed skateboarder. Currently very likely to be avoiding work by scouring the internet for skate news and video clips. Sheffield born and bred.

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