VERT ATTACK 10 // Division: Girls  

The girls comp at Vert Attack this year went off! Lizzie Armanto took a deserved first place, with little Brighton Zeuner coming close behind. 

Our girl Rebecca Aimee Davies (UK) placed a respectable 8th… “I just missed out on the finals, but since I’ve only been getting back to (vert) skating in the summer its not bad, I was competing against some of the best skaters in the world. Keep watching, these girls are killing it!”


1 Lizzie Armanto, USA

2 Brighton Zeuner, USA

3 Allysha Le, USA

4 Nicole Hause, USA

5 Poppy Starr Olsen, Australia

6 Julz Lynn

7 Jordyn ‘Jordy’ Barratt, USA
Remaining Results: 

Rebecca Aimee Davies (UK)

Mimi Leckius (Sweden)

Silvio Serrer (Spain)

Valeria Bertuccini (Italy)

Jean Rusin

Nadine Salodowisky (Germany)