giselle 5
Giselle Alves with her hand painted skateboard. Rest in Peace.
It is with heavy hearts that we write this first article of the new year.
Giselle Alves, (for want of a better word) victim of domestic violence, tragically passed away on the morning of December 30th 2015.

I first met Giselle around 6 years ago in Barcelona, I was skating alone and she came and greeted me with a huge smile, and introduced me to her friends. This was Giselle. She had a kind and welcoming heart, and will be remembered for her everlasting energy and her spiritual, charismatic personality.


If you didn’t know Giselle, you can learn a bit more about her in his eulogy from a close friend of both ours, and of Giselles…

“Gisa, a person with a strong internal light, who has always helped us, her friends, to feel good about ourselves. Always a smile on her face, with a desire to grow, laugh, live, skate, learn; and with many projects to fulfil.

She fought every day to be happy and make others happy. A life of freedom, Giselle, Gi, Gisa, willing to share her skills, she would always be seen skating with music, a smile, and in her own world that she shared with everyone.

Without fear of death, she lived in peace. She always said she would convert herself into positive energy to project onto anyone who really needed it in this world. And that’s how it is…She’s converted. We won’t be bitter, but we will have justice. She was brutally murdered at the hands of a man.

We’ll carry you with us in every ollie, in every flip, in every wave, in every sunset. Flying with the wind, skating the moon, within the eternity of the universe.

– Words by Ainara Sancheski And the FlipA Skate Girls of Barcelona (Translated by Jo Tellechea)

Our thoughts and blessings are with your family and friends at this terrible time.

Rest in Peace Giselle, you will be missed by many. x


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