Skateboarding In A City On Lockdown 

“The Paris attacks pushed Brussels into the centre of Europe’s debate about immigration, intolerance and radicalisation. Ursulines skatepark offers a refreshing counterpoint, here kids from all backgrounds skate together in peace.”

Huck Magazine travelled to Brussels to meet a multicultural group of teenage skaters and see life under the lockdown through their eyes. 

“Through spending two days in their world, we found music, skateboarding and the kids’ punk attitude to life proved stronger than the cultural, racial and religious differences that many would expect to drive them apart.”

In this humbling short, Fatima takes us around the city of Brussels, in the few days following the November terrorist attacks in Paris, where we meet Ramy and Daniela, the teenagers who use skateboarding as an escape to the very real dangers that surround them.

A really inspiring story from Huck, you can read the full article here…


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