Days Like These Rider Profiles – Georgie Winter

Georgie Winter! Georgie is awesome! She had a full part in ‘As if, And What?!’ back in 2009 and is back with the goods for ‘Days Like These’. Read her feelings about the project below…

Questions: Lucy Adams. Photos: Jenna Selby


Is Days Like These the first full part you’ve ever worked on?

This is only really the second part I’ve ever worked on, the other being “As if and what?” way back in 2009, and some other tiny, ill-fated “scene” videos some friends and I tried to make. I’m sure it all seemed much easier all those years ago! Work doesn’t half get in the way these days…

How do you feel about being involved in the project?

Absolutely stoked. Having seen some sneaky clips of the other girls involved, I’m not sure I really step up to the plate! But I think it’s an awesome project, and I’m super glad Jenna decided she was going to do another one. To be part of something that is hopefully going to inspire a bunch of girls who see it, get them to start skateboarding and be rad – that’s all pretty great if you ask me!

Does skating with other females inspire you?

Totally. I try to get to as many girls events as I can ‘cause it’s always such a great time, and every single person has always learnt something new every time I see them. I find girls tend to have a different approach to skateboarding than guys, so it’s always nice to see what everyone’s come up with and like, what’s possible! The skill level these days is absolutely nuts, too.

Days Like These Images
Any good stories from filming missions that you care to share?

Whilst not particularly good, I think the stand-out trip of the summer was trundling all the way over to Dublin with Jenna for a 5-day mission, filming this rad young’un called Sabine. I grabbed myself the role of Sabine’s official cheerleader and went swiftly from yelling abuse – er, wait, I mean encouragement – to absolute horror when she smashed her coccyx on a rail. On the first day. Yikes! Thanks, skateboarding. She didn’t even complain until she snuck off to hospital the next day, what a trooper.

Who’s part are you looking forward to the most?

Without wanting to be a right cop-out, I honestly cannot wait for the whole thing. I’m excited to see every. Single. Part. Bring it on !

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