Female Skateboarding is ‘Exploding’ right now, says Tony Hawk

“It’s not about being good for girls, it’s about being good”.

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Tony Hawk and his Birdhouse team dropped in on the NASS action sports festival, in Somerset, in their first visit to the UK since 2008. Lizzie exuded style, grace and a whole lot of skill on the NASS Vert ramp alongside the boys, team mate Tony said…

“I think it’s about time that we saw a healthy ratio of female to male skateboarding, it was for whatever reason considered a male dominated sport for a long time and there were always a few girls in the mix… but now that has exploded. I think it’s in large part of the girls who are ripping today, like Lizzie who’s here. She shows that it’s not about being good for girls, it’s about being good.”

Watch Tony and Lizzie ripping together in this clip from Sidewalk here…