Little Ladies #2: Ione Atkinson, 6yrs

Ione Atkinson is just 6 years old and already killing it on a skateboard! We first heard about Ione through her dad’s instagram account, we have been following Jono (jonozero1) for a while now and are stoked with the regular skate updates from Ione.
Always up for an adventure, she recently did a tour of the London skateparks and by the looks of the footage above she had a rad time, she even chose her own music for it!

We think Ione is super cool so we got in touch with Jono for the low down!

ionepadsIt turns out that Ione has been around skateboarding all of her life, Ione’s first board was given to her when she was just two years old and she spent her time sitting and rolling around on it from then on. Ione has been standing on her board for around a year and has picked up dropping in and pumping on transition pretty fast!

There are beginners sessions at Exist skatepark in Swansea, she attends this every week and is so stoked when there are other girls there.
Ione has been getting into the DIY spirit and has sanded down her board (with a little help from her skateboarder Dad) and personalised it herself with her very own board graphics! She has even painted her own clothes, her approach is pretty fresh and free from any brand loyalty and knowledge of skaters and the ‘scene’, which we really admire!
Ione and her Father spend a lot of time rolling around the local area and just generally having fun….coffins, catamarans, pushing, going down hills and off curbs!

If you feel inspired by Ione and want to meet her in person, you can pop along to the Girls Jam at Exist Skatepark in Swansea on May 31st 2014.
We will be heading over, along with a load of the other UK girls and we’d love you to come say hello!

ione portraitName: Ione Atkinson
Date of Birth: 5th September 2007
Location: Swansea, Wales
Stance: Goofy
Set up: An old Blind 7.75 deck sanded and hand painted, green Royal trucks, 55mm Crailtap wheels, Red grip
Years months riding: 9 months standing up
Favourite trick: Dropping in and rolling
Favourite UK Girl Skater: Sue Hazel after watching her section in “As if, And what?”
What do you love about skating? Learning new tricks
Other hobbies: Art, piano, swimming, music
What was the last song that you listened to? West Coast- Coconut RecordsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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