Application Guidelines

To make this process as simple as possible, we have prepared a template of things we will need to know in your application.

What and why?

You’ll need to write a project proposal. What is your project about? How much money and help do you need towards it? Who will run it? How long will it run for? Who will this project benefit? Why is this project important to you and why are you best equipped to run it?


You will need to think about potential obstacles and tell us how you will overcome each of them should they arise. How will new COVID updates restrict your project? Don’t forget about health + safety or any insurance you might need to run your project before you apply.


Where will your proposed project be based? If this is at an indoor venue such as a skatepark, then you will first need permission before applying. If this is outside, how will you deal with the weather if it rains? How accessible is your venue?


Projects should be started within 6 weeks of successful application confirmation. If your project is at an indoor venue, you should have permission for a proposed date(s). Think about how inclusive your chosen dates and times are.


Skate Event

Want to host an event? We could help towards venue, photographer or filmer hire, coaching or even catering. We can help you promote your event, and send you email templates to contact brands for sponsorship.

DIY Spot

Found the perfect public space to build a ramp?! We could help towards building and material costs. Need some cement and maybe a new wheelbarrow to lug it all in? We’d love to help!

What do WE Need fRom you?

An article about your project for our website. This is to include photos and a 1-3 minute video to be featured on our IGTV. This will be followed up with an interview 6 months later to document the social impact of your project.

We will also need a project summary detailing outcomes, expenses and achievements.
All projects must be started within 6 weeks of confirmation. Projects MUST be inclusive, and considerate of the environment.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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