Danni Gallacher x Girl Skate UK is pro!

We are super stoked to announce that Danni Gallacher, founder of Girl Skate UK is now PRo for CHPo Brand!

I’m not the first, and most definitely won’t be the last to tell how you how blessed we are to have someone in the skateboarding community that is so passionate and dedicated as Danni Gallacher.

CHPo Brand have done a lot to support skateboarding. From collaborating with and donating over €50,000 to Skateistan, to welcoming and integrating refugee kids into the Swedish society by running their own skate schools in Stockholm and Gothenburg. It’s fair to say they are committed to giving back to the scene.

Since 2018, CHPo have decided to turn someone or something within skateboarding pro each year. Starting with Streetlab skateshop in Malmö, Lovenskate in London, to The Bunt in Toronto, Canada. They’re now back in the UK to turn Girl Skate UK and our much loved founder pro!

“Girl Skate UK and its founder Danielle Gallacher is a true representation of what is great about skateboarding – fun, inclusiveness, creativity, empowerment and dedication. Therefore we are proud to say that Girl Skate UK is pro!” – CHPo Brand.

Danni has achieved a lot with Girl Skate UK – organising and hosting countless events, meet ups and girls nights. As well as encouraging and bringing together thousands of skateboarders all across the UK, paving the way for other females in the scene, and inspiring smaller skate communities to grow. We couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of going pro than Danni, she is the definition of empowerment and we are immensely proud. Congrats Danni!!

When you buy a pair of these sunglasses you support Girl Skate UK and the true core of skateboarding. No Girl Skate UK, no party.” – CHPo Brand.

Girl Skate UK x Danielle Gallacher / CHPo Brand sunglasses will be available on www.girlskateuk.com next week!


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